Dongshan BGTX Foods Co., Ltd. 东山博广天兴食品股份有限公司

27 Aug 2020
    Dongshan BGTX Foods Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. The company have a garden style factory, located in the processing base of aquatic products on the west side of the Strait (Dongshan, Fujian Province), it is an enterprise specializing in the production, processing and export of cephalopods instant seafood series and marine biotechnology development. It is also an expert workstation for academicians in Fujian Province, a benchmarking enterprise for Octopus processing in Fujian Province and a technological innovation center for enterprises in Zhangzhou City. Our company covering an area of 15,000 square meters, include around 5000 tons refrigerator, 6 fast frozen banks and one double- helix frozen line producing 1.5 tons/h.

Production workshop
      As the only company in China with the ability to process all series of octopus productions,our company uses marine octopus as our main raw material and owes the right of intel-lectual property of manufacturing technology and technics. Three main production bases including Fujian Dongshan, Shenzhen Shiyan and Shenzhen Fuyong have the capacity to produce twelve thousand tons annually of octopus products, which is in an outstanding position in our field.

      Major products: Frozen octopus cut, Frozen octopus slice, Floured octopus, Frozen flower octopus, Giant octopus, Dried octopus; Ready-to-eat series brand products mainly include Seasoned sesame baby octopus, Cuttlefish with garlic sauce, China seaweed, Sea snail withgarlic sauce, Shellfish meat with sauce, Scallop fringe with sauce, Abalone with garlic sauce,Lellyfish with sauce, etc; Other quick-frozen seafood: frozen squid, frozen crab, etc.

     From the start of our company, we always lay emphasize on two main aspects that are production and innovation. We establish different forms of industry, schooland research cooperation and academic collaboration with Fujian Agriculture and ForestryUniversity, Qingdao University, Xiamen University,Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Natural Resources and other academic institutes and universities. On 3rd July, 2015, ourcompany set up Academician and Professional Workstation in Fujian province. The main scientific research achievements include: natural taurine beverage series; Octopus protein calcium series; Octopus lactating food series; Octopus flavor sauce series; Octopus resources and behavioral research in Dongshan and its adjacent sea areas.

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