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01 Sep 2020
Fujian Lixing Foods                                        

Lixing group is a professional food manufacturer, owing 6 industry & trade branch enterprises.
The products of Lixing enjoy great popularity at home and abroad. Lixing group’s reputation becomes better and better.
“People regard food as their primary needs, and food safety should be given the top priority.” Lixing group is always keeping the concept of “people foremost” in mind when deciding to make the “everlasting Lixing”
The people who make the Lixing foods and who buy the Lixing foods both are the most respected people.
It is the essential support for Lixing to survive and develop.
The advancement of Lixing group lies in the guiding spirits of“ People - oriented, technology-led, quality assurance”, advocating corporate fashion of knowing the manners and integrity of occupation.

                                              Our                 Passion for innovation
                                              Core               Bring benefit to the people
                                              Value              Pursuit of excellence                                      

                                                                                               Share the achievements           

Our hope:
        Create a century-old LIXING enterprise. To be customers’ preferred and the most professional foodstuff manufacturer. And well-known by customers at home and abroad.

Enterprise spirit:
Self-disciplined & tacit understanding, strive for excellence
Entrepreneurial philosophy:
Be determined to run company well, prosper and contribute to the country
Management aim:
Quality first, reputation first
Management philosophy:
Good better best, never let it rest                           

Fujian Lixing Foods Co., Ltd was founded on October 13rd, 2006 with a total registered capital of 54 million. Factory here covers an area of over 120,000 square meters. And located in industrial concentration area, with beautiful scenery around, rich raw material source and convenient transportation.
Here has advanced equipment and professional R&D department. With good service to match customers’ requirements.
Our production line in strict accordance with the international standard of GMP, and certificated by BRC, HACCP, ISO9001, ISO22000, KOSHER, HALAL, and also passed the NOP organic product processing certification and certification of organic banana plantation.
Company is awarded as “AA” demonstration enterprise by CIQ, own the title of “Advanced enterprise on quality control”, “Chinese Agricultural Product Processing Demonstration Enterprise”, “National High-tech Enterprise”, “National Academician Workstation”.
Freeze dried fruit
Freeze dried fruit are delicious and healthy, they are made from well-chosen superior fresh fruit, using the world’s advanced technology--vacuum freeze drying technology in low temperature. The fresh/frozen fruits are peeled, denuclearized.
We always guarantee fruits are 100% natural, without additives and preservatives. Non-GMO, with KOSHER, BRC, and HALAL certificated.
FD fruits’ advantages:
  • Nutrient retention reach more than 90%, delicious and healthy.
  • Easy to carry for your trip
  • No additive, no preservative.
  • Non-GMO
  • KOSHER, BRC, and HACCP certificated.

We have: Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Mango, Apple, Peach, Pineapple, Durian, Dragon fruit, Kiwi, Red dates.
Size: Slice, Dice/cube/crumb, whole, powder.
Package: Bulk, small, double PE bag or aluminium foil bag heat sealed.
Strong agglutinate carton without nails, sealed with tape.
Usage: Together with milk/yogurt, bread, cake, ice-cream, chocolate
Freeze dried vegetable

Freeze dried vegetables are suitable for long-term storage and emergency food storage plan. They can be eaten directly as a crispy food with a hint of sweetness, used as a crunchy topping for salads or tacos, or can even be used in veggie trail mixes for hiking, camping, or on-the-go snacks. They can also be easily reconstituted for use as a fresh side dish or in recipes like soups, chili, casseroles and more.

We have: Corn, Pea, Mushroom, Carrot, Okra.
Size: Slice, Dice/cube/crumb, whole, powder.
Package: Bulk, small, double PE bag or aluminium foil bag heat sealed.
Strong agglutinate carton without nails, sealed with tape.
Usage: Side dish, ingredient of soup.
Tea powder/concentrate

Quality characteristic of Lixing’s instant tea:
²  Color, aroma and taste are retained well. As well as other nutrients.
²  Two production line(FD&SD) for tea or herbal extract. Instant tea powder can dissolve well in hot and ice water.
²  Quality controlled well, all production process are strictly accordance with standards of HACCP and ISO 9001.
²  Easy for storage and transportation, moisture lower than 5%, shelf life 24 months under normal temperature.
²  Widely used in products such as: tea drinks, solid drinks(pure tea, flavored tea, milk tea), health care products, functional foods, instant foods, baby foods, cake, candy, biscuit, and leisure foods, etc.
We have: Black tea, green tea, oolong tea, pu’er tea in instant powder and concentrate.

Healthy tremella soup

Freeze dried tremella(snow fungus)soup is first developed by us.
FD snow fungus soup is made by adding fresh ingredients to the ingredients such as red dates, rock sugar, wolfberry, snow pear, etc.
After cooking, the snow fungus soup is dehydrated by vacuum freeze-drying technique, the color, aroma, taste, shape, multivitamins and trace elements of the tremella are preserved intact. The re-hydration is excellent and it can be brewed by hot water or cold water.
We have: FD tremella soup with
  • Red dates and wolfberry
  • Snow pear
  • Dragon fruit
  • Longan and Brown sugar
Freeze dried yogurt

Freeze-dried yogurt(Chunk, Melt bean, Hemisphere) is low fat, low(or no)sugar. Yogurt melt beans can melt quickly in mouth, older kids(12 months+)and adults all love the crunchy, creamy taste and texture of FD yogurt.
You can take these FD yogurt in your car for trips, pack in lunch, or add it with your favorite trail mix. They are both delicious and healthy with no fat, sodium or cholesterol. Whether you are on the go or preparing for emergency.
Flavors we have: Strawberry, Kiwi, Blueberry, Peach.

Carefully selected raw material, with advancing technology, our instant soup is not only delicious but also full of nutrients.
They are very convenient when you are in need, also suitable to save food for emergency.
We have: FD seaweed & egg soup
        FD Vegetables & egg soup
        FD mushroom soup
Our own brand products

We now have multiple product series under our own brand Lixing.
Including yogurt hemisphere, yogurt chunk and melt beans. Our FD fruits are selling in zip-lock bags, which made them easy to carry and no need to worry about moisture regain while exposed in the air.
Our tremella soup is regarded as one of the most healthy drink, nutritious and delicious, all you need is some hot or cold water to enjoy it.
Corn powder is one of our best quality product, it has been selected to be served in BRICS summit.
R&D department


In 2009 Lixing invested and established R&D center, and focus on new high-tech products’ R&D.

We have a professional team of more than 30 personnel, 8% of our annual total sales are devoted into R&D. Now we have in-depth and long term cooperation with domestic research institutes such as “Dalian Polytechnic University”, “Tianjin University of Science&Technology”, “Jiangnan University”, “Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University”, etc, to carry out fundamental theory research and develop new products.

Based on independent research and development, Lixing company has obtained many patents, utility model patents and appearance patents. All patents have achieved 100% transformation of technological achievements. Company also obtained the honorary title of “Provincial engineering technology research center”, “Provincial innovative enterprise” and “Municipal technology enterprise”.
Production department and QC department
We have professional QC team, they pay high attention to QC process and strictly test every batch of product. We have set up a perfect, controllable, guaranteed, traceable QC management system to control the quality from raw material till final products.

We have focused on foods R&D and producing for more than 20 years, well known by the high quality products. Efficient workforce, modernized office systems, scientific & strict management mode and practical strategic planning have contributed to our steady development. Till now, we are the top freeze dried manufacturer in China.
Part of our partners
With advancing technology and strict management, our products’ quality are be trusted by many famous brands.

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