Toicm (Fujian) Nutrition Food Co., Ltd. 童城(福建)营养食品有限公司

07 Sep 2020


     About US
      Toicm (Fujian) Nutrition Food Co., Ltd
is one of the leading producers of baby food.We were founded in 2013 and are headquartered in Long Hai, Fujian province in China. We are specialized in the production of all kinds of baby foods. Like baby biscuits, baby snacks, baby puffs, teething biscuits, noodles, or fruit biscuit ect.
      We have a production plant that covers an area of 60,000 square meters having100,000 purification levels. We are well-equipped with over 1000 employees and have 8 fully automatic production lines. We are proud to see our team as the pillars of friendship, assistance, and excellence.
        We are deeply absorbed in the research and development of children’s foods. We adhere to the innovation and believe in improvement in order to provide healthy and happy food products backed up with high-quality at an affordable price.
        We are serious about the production of baby food and complementary foods for diets and health.

      According to analysts, baby food market is expected to grow annually by 5.0% (CAGR 2019-2023). The baby snacks is already firmly entrenched in the minds of mothers around the world as a useful treat that promotes growth and childhood .Toicm(Fujian)Nutrition Food Co.,Ltd. manufacturers are doing everything to develop this segment even more.The company manufactures more than 10 tons of instant baby cookies per day and, as a contract manufacturer, maximally focuses on the customers requirements and principles of the brand.
     Baby Fruit shape biscuits with Quality raw materials,Different shapes to stimulate your baby's imagination,easy for eat, No artificial flavors,colors and preservatives.
      Non-Fried and Savory taste,Different shapes making them easy for little ones to pick up,Melt-in-your-mouth texture designed to dissolve quickly,Freeze Dried fruit power,PP bottle for easy storage from several consumptions,No artificial flavors,colors and preservatives.

      Are you wondering if biscuits are an option to be considered? Choosing the right baby food might get challenging at times especially when your child is just old enough to consume solid food. Solid food is included in a baby’s diet after six months and gradually increases, as the baby grows older. It is hence very common that babies are fed with food, which mostly parents think may be safe for their little one.Quality raw materials,Soothes Sore Gums for Babies,No artificial flavors,colors and preservatives.

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