Zhangzhou Jia Sheng food Co., Ltd. 漳州市佳晟食品有限公司

14 Sep 2020

      Zhangzhou  Jia Sheng food Co., Ltd. located in Zhaoan County Industrial Park in Zhangzhou city of Fujian Province , is a new high-tech enterprise for preserved fruit, whose modernized production base covers an area of nearly 40 acres. The company mainly markets plum, meanwhile processing other fruits, such as roselle, olive, papaya, orange peel, mango etc.

     With the aim of producing ''green'', ''healthy'', ''natural'' and ''safe'' products, our company select the best quality raw materials, Combined with advanced production technology to ensure product quality. Our products have reached a very high industry standard and exported to many countries, such as Southeast ,Asia Japan, Mexico etc. We also give a number of enterprises to provide OEM, the company in accordance with the ISO22000 quality standards for the production of quality products.

        漳州市佳晟食品有限公司位于福建省漳州市诏安县工业园区B区,是一家生产蜜饯果蔬企业,其现代化生产 基地占地近40亩。

        绿色”“健康天然安全的理念生产产品,本公司采用本 地优质原料,采用传统工艺结合现代先进技术生产,确保产品质量。企业建立ISO22000食品安全管理体系,生产和销售健康、安全的食品。我们生产的产品生产蜜饯果干出口日本、台湾地区、东南亚乃至欧洲等市场。


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